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    Death and Life

    It’s an odd thing when death is in your midst. When life has to go on, and death’s presence is ever near. It can feel like you’re in some sort of a alter dimension sometimes. You can be going along, having a beautiful day, and suddenly everything changes. Friday was like that. My husband, kids and I were at Dewberry Farm with our school group and having a fantastic day. We were starting to wind down our trip with my husband got a phone call. I was busy with the kids, so at first I didn’t really notice he had walked away. After I realized he wasn’t right with us,…

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    Still Trying to Figure Out

    That Was Yesterday -Leon Bridges Yesterday I had nothing Didn’t know whether I’d amount to something I had holes in my shoes and in my clothes Only yesterday I was just a boy living amongst children Not really a toy that I could play with I would pretend that anything could happen That was yesterday No matter how far I come Still know where I’m from, oh Never let it slip away Still tryin’ to figure out What the game is all about, oh So I take it day by day by day Yesterday no one was listening Today is gonna be different You couldn’t hear my voice under the…