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    My Fear Doesn’t Stand a Chance

    Date: March 26, 2020COVID-19 CasesUS: 68481 New: 14053 Deaths: 1044 New: 249Texas: 1303 New: 280 Deaths: 16 New: 3 I’ve spent several days feeling like I’m in a fog, like I’m walking through mud. I couldn’t really place what was happening until today. Today, I spent most of my day outside, and off the computer. Then I came in and made our favorite dinner- Cabb and Saus– and we got on Zoom with our church family and prayed and ate dinner. When that was over, we watched Lego Batman. It was almost a regular day. Nothing changed outside, there’s still a pandemic, and the world is still scary. But something…

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    Fear Rising

    Date: March 20, 2020 COVID-19 CasesUS: 14145 New: 4969 Deaths: 206 New: 52Texas: 325 New: 125 Deaths: 5 New: 2 Yesterday I lost my bearings. I’m trying to give myself grace, but honestly, I’m disappointed that I’m not doing better than I am. We’re only about a week into this social distancing thing, and I’m already starting to lose it. I miss my older kids. I miss my grandchildren. I miss how carefree life used to be, even though it really wasn’t. I miss my aunt. In January, I spent most of the month in Salt Lake with my aunt, and then we moved her here, and I’ve seen her…

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    Is God Good?

    Recently, I attended the funeral of Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal. Sandeep was a Sikh, which meant his funeral was a Sikh religious service. It was a very beautiful service, full of chants and songs. For the most part, they had a lot of translations up on the jumbo tron (it was held in a stadium because over 7,000 people came to honor him) so that those of us who were not of their faith could know what they were saying. I was also sitting next to a friend of mine who was a Sikh, so he could translate for me. The bulk of the chants were things like, “God is the…