• Is God Good?
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    Is God Good?

    Recently, I attended the funeral of Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal. Sandeep was a Sikh, which meant his funeral was a Sikh religious service. It was a very beautiful service, full of chants and songs. For the most part, they had a lot of translations up on the jumbo tron (it was held in a stadium because over 7,000 people came to honor him) so that those of us who were not of their faith could know what they were saying. I was also sitting next to a friend of mine who was a Sikh, so he could translate for me. The bulk of the chants were things like, “God is the…

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    Still Trying to Figure Out

    That Was Yesterday -Leon Bridges Yesterday I had nothing Didn’t know whether I’d amount to something I had holes in my shoes and in my clothes Only yesterday I was just a boy living amongst children Not really a toy that I could play with I would pretend that anything could happen That was yesterday No matter how far I come Still know where I’m from, oh Never let it slip away Still tryin’ to figure out What the game is all about, oh So I take it day by day by day Yesterday no one was listening Today is gonna be different You couldn’t hear my voice under the…

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    Need You More

    In the past, I’ve done a weekly post about how a particular song spoke to me. Music has a way of ministering to me like nothing else. It has a way of bringing me into a state of worship that I don’t find in any other way. I hope you will be touched by this edition. If you find yourself in a place where you need Him more- please reach out for prayer in the Sisterhood. Need You More, By For King and Country [Verse 1] In the blink of an eye Life flashed Right in front of my eyes Mmm Never knew that the fear Could cripple my chest…