I am a Certified Lifestyle Coach with Trim Healthy Mama- and help moms focus on their health and they health of their families! I help moms tackle overwhelm and encourage them to start loving their life again! I'm Momma to 6, Grandma to 1, and wife to my favorite police officer for over 23 years ;) Together we live life and share the good the bad and the ugly with God as our compass :)

  • Is God Good?
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    Is God Good?

    Recently, I attended the funeral of Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal. Sandeep was a Sikh, which meant his funeral was a Sikh religious service. It was a very beautiful service, full of chants and songs. For the most part, they had a lot of translations up on the jumbo tron (it was held in a stadium because over 7,000 people came to honor him) so that those of us who were not of their faith could know what they were saying. I was also sitting next to a friend of mine who was a Sikh, so he could translate for me. The bulk of the chants were things like, “God is the…

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    Death and Life

    It’s an odd thing when death is in your midst. When life has to go on, and death’s presence is ever near. It can feel like you’re in some sort of a alter dimension sometimes. You can be going along, having a beautiful day, and suddenly everything changes. Friday was like that. My husband, kids and I were at Dewberry Farm with our school group and having a fantastic day. We were starting to wind down our trip with my husband got a phone call. I was busy with the kids, so at first I didn’t really notice he had walked away. After I realized he wasn’t right with us,…

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    Butter Pecan Cake THM-S

    Today is my husband’s birthday. And, in my house, that means I make a cake. My usual go-to cake is Mrs. Criddle’s Coconut Cake, although I rarely do the coconut. It’s an absolutely delicious cake, and the frosting is a great consistency, and it even makes into cupcakes well too. I made it into cupcakes for my son’s birthday last year, and one of the guests ate one and said it tasted like his mom’s homemade almond cookies from when he was a kid. It is seriously good. But, today, I wanted to go outside the box for just a moment and try to create something new for my sweet…

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    Pumpkin Spice Latte THM-S

    It’s fall y’all! (Ok, not officially until the 22nd, but in my world, it is DEFINITELY fall!  It may be 90 degrees outside, but I’m still getting cozy inside, wearing my slippers, drinking my Pumpkin Spice Latte, and putting one of my favorite fall soups, Happy Harvest Soup back into the meal rotation! Old me would have been first in line at Starbucks, ready to start the season off right.  But, the sugar content in their drinks makes it decidedly off plan for me.  Now that I’ve been off sugar for over a year, surprisingly I don’t even crave it anymore! It didn’t take a year, either- so don’t read…

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    Still Trying to Figure Out

    That Was Yesterday -Leon Bridges Yesterday I had nothing Didn’t know whether I’d amount to something I had holes in my shoes and in my clothes Only yesterday I was just a boy living amongst children Not really a toy that I could play with I would pretend that anything could happen That was yesterday No matter how far I come Still know where I’m from, oh Never let it slip away Still tryin’ to figure out What the game is all about, oh So I take it day by day by day Yesterday no one was listening Today is gonna be different You couldn’t hear my voice under the…

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    Need You More

    In the past, I’ve done a weekly post about how a particular song spoke to me. Music has a way of ministering to me like nothing else. It has a way of bringing me into a state of worship that I don’t find in any other way. I hope you will be touched by this edition. If you find yourself in a place where you need Him more- please reach out for prayer in the Sisterhood. Need You More, By For King and Country [Verse 1] In the blink of an eye Life flashed Right in front of my eyes Mmm Never knew that the fear Could cripple my chest…

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    Hit the Reset Button!

    You know what I like about the calendar? It gives us blocks of time where we can decidedly reset our goals. There are many opportunities, you just need to take one. April 1st is the beginning of the 2nd Quarter of 2019. You may have read that statement and immediately panicked. That’s ok. Take a deep breath! via GIPHY It’s time to take a minute and evaluate where we are with our goals. I know for me, the biggest obstacle I create for myself is Perfection Paralysis. Perfection Paralysis is when you are so focused on getting it right, or perfect, that you never start. Any hands raised out there?…

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    What’s New, Pussycat?

    Well! It’s been a minute since I’ve been writing, but I have reasons and excuses for that! 😉 The first excuse is that it’s Spring Semester, and as a teacher, that means a lot of boxes to check, and also the just regular exhaustion of getting through the year…. But the most important reason for my absence is that I’ve been working on something new!!! Before you ask, yes, I’m still a Mama Mentor with Mom Mastery University, and still believe deeply in empowering women through that program 🙂 But, I now have an additional item on my belt of skills that I’m excited to share with y’all! I’ve spent…

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    Last week, I posted on this blog about suffering, and shared that I felt that the words came directly from the Holy Spirit Himself.  I have always been amazed at the way He works in my life.  The Lord truly does goes before us, it is up to us to recognize it.   I’ve written previously about my relationship with my mother, or lack of relationship, most of it residing on my previous blog.  I’ll summarize here; my mother and I have had a difficult relationship for years.  She is an alcoholic, and has been in a relationship with an abusive man who threatened me with and my older boys with…