About Me

Hello, my name is Semalee.

I help mamas, just like YOU, to tackle overwhelm and inspire you to dream again!  This is my blog, where I post my thoughts about life, family and how I work through it all.

I am on a journey to whole health- physical, spiritual, emotional.  As I travel this path, I’ve learned many things, and love sharing what I’ve learned with others.

God is at the center of my day, and through techniques I’ve learned along my path, I’ve learned how to stop surviving and start living again!

I’m a Certified Lifestyle Coach for Trim Healthy Mama, and I teach other women just like you how easy it is to fuel your body in a healthy way without feeling deprived.  If you are tired of feeling the effects of the food you put into your body, and the extra weight you carry, it’s time to take back your life!  I offer different coaching packages to fit your needs and budget, the hardest part of the decision for you is which one is the best fit for you!