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Let’s Be FOR Our Country

Date: March 29, 2020
COVID-19 Cases
US: 124,123 Deaths: 2,238
Texas: 2521 Deaths: 34

In the chart above I took out the “new” information, because I usually update these numbers in my chart daily, and this weekend I didn’t. So, I don’t have a “new” number, as I don’t have the numbers from 24 hours ago.

I want to share a quote from another blog because I think it is worth stating again and again. I want to preface this first, by saying I’m not interested in a political debate. I have friends and family members whom I respect and love very much who have very different political views from me. I also respect that fact. I believe strongly that we each reach our own political opinion based on the events that have happened to us personally, and it’s an amazing blessing to be in a country where we are allowed to do just that. We each have our own personal “hot buttons”, and it really needs to be ok to feel differently politically than someone else- otherwise we will quickly see an end to our democracy.

But, I also believe in the power of prayer, and I believe, especially today, the Sabbath, we should be praying for our leaders. So, please, read the quote, and take it for what it’s worth and use the pieces of it that align with your own values, and let the rest go without argument, eh?

I read this opinion I read on one of the sites I visit each day to see where our COVID curve is. I think it’s worth restating, and valid to consider regardless of where you stand politically. The website is a pretty interesting one if you are into numbers. It takes the data and shows “the curve” so we can see where they estimate we are. I’ll post the link after the quote.

“OK. Trump has strengths and weaknesses. Me too. But one of his weaknesses is also one of his strengths; we know who the guy is… he is always letting us know what is on his mind. Like it or not, you know what he is thinking.

I would stipulate that Trump has more ego than any president in my lifetime. I clearly remember Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. I’d say Trump’s ego exceeds the egos of these predecessors combined.

And ya know what? I’m glad. That makes him the *perfect* person for this recovery. He has more business experience than any of these predecessors, and he genuinely loves America. You can disagree with his policies, but you can’t deny that he loves America.

But Trump also wants a recovery, a big one, because his ego is on the line. He really wants to be the hero for all of us. And I’m good with that. You go, President Trump. Be the hero. I’m behind you. We need a hero right now. Be that guy. And we’ll build a statue for you after you pull it off. And you will have earned it.

We’re Americans, and we rock. When we come together, we are unstoppable. Divided… not so good. Let’s unite under our elected leader. I’ve not listened to any media for some time, but I hear that Trump is talking about timelines that line up with ours here. That is great news.

This is a unique and remarkable time across the world. It is a good thing that our country started so strong going into it. Other countries were already suffering economically, and this will devastate them. But not us. Just watch us. I know it in my gut. Not so much math.

And may God richly bless us, as we endeavor to do “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things and the God of peace will be with you”

I believe we are at a pivotal point in our country. A place where the Lord is calling us ALL to be intentional. To be FOR our country. Listen, I’m in positions of authority in my community, and the small number of decisions that I have had to make have weighed extremely heavily on me. I can only imagine the weight of the decisions people in bigger forms of government are making is taking on them. We need to step back, and for once, realize that if our politicians fail, so do we. Let’s rally together behind the common cause of making it out of this pandemic in the best possible way!

Ok, politics over. Now let me tell you what’s on my heart spiritually- Gratitude. I think it’s time for me to finish my book, because I’m reminded over and over again in my quiet time how many things we have to be thankful for right now. One thing that comes to mind this Sunday morning is the fact that many churches are streaming online. Do you know that Sunday morning is the most segregated day in America? That’s a sad statement, but it’s true. But today, as we all worship online, we have a unique opportunity to step outside of our box and watch a different worship style! This has been on my mind all week! I’m friends with several pastors, and what has been so cool to me this week, is that I’ve been able to do morning prayer with one, evening Compline with another, worship with another, a zoom prayer meeting with my home church, listen to messages of encouragement from a pastor who used to be in my home group before he became a pastor, and tomorrow I get to attend a zoom bible study that ordinarily I wouldn’t be able to do because I try to limit my time out in the evenings in order to preserve that time with my kids! YES it is scary out there! But it is also such an amazing time!

One of my pastor friends has been talking about REVIVAL in his talks, and let me tell you, this is EXACTLY what has been coming to me in my prayers- even before he started talking on the subject! I’m here to propose to you that this time in our lives is SACRED- HOLY- and SET APART. It is a time that is unlike any other time in our life, and we have a unique opportunity to REALLY shift our focus to God.

At the beginning of the year, the Lord gave me the word “SABBATH”. I wrestled with this, thinking how do you have “Sabbath” as your YEAR LONG WORD? But, here we are, each of us given an opportunity to SABBATH. The world is a scary place, so I challenge you to come away with the Lord, leave the scary outside, and go into the secret place with him, and delight in His goodness.

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