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The Shortest Pencil

Date: March 22, 2020
COVID-19 Cases
US: 26995 New: 7536 Deaths: 354 New: 91
Texas: 614 New: 258 Deaths: 5 New: 0

I’ve been putting the numbers at the top, just to have a gauge later of where we were and how I was feeling. The numbers, however, are not accurate in terms of actual cases at this time, because testing is just starting to roll out. So, in the coming days these numbers will definitely shoot up and it will appear to be a sharp increase, when really it will be a more accurate number of what has been happening already.

My youngest son is a Type One diabetic. He wears a Dexcom, which gives us his blood sugar every 5 minutes. Cool, right? Except that, because of the way that number is obtained, the number is actually 15 minutes behind. So, right now his dexcom says 114. This means that his blood sugar was 114 15 minutes ago. So, whenever we’re considering treatments, we have to take that into consideration.

Now, I’m looking at the COVID case numbers much the same way. In a sense, these numbers were 15 days ago ish, give or take about 5, because it has an up to 14 day incubation period, where you can possibly be going around and not know you are sick. I figure it takes most people at least a day to realize they’re actually sick once they start becoming symptomatic….

Couple that with the fact that we are only just now getting public testing starting, these numbers are even less accurate.

AND, add to that, that the real shut down of society happened last Monday, well, we might have to wait THREE weeks for a real clue to where we stand now….

So, what this means for me, as I’m a numbers girl, is that I will continue to keep track of the numbers knowing that the real answers are not here yet. What this means for us all, is that we need to be patient. Schools are saying they’ll go back in session in April- but they wont. Plan now to be out of school. I think they’re just saying that so that we don’t get too overwhelmed. But we have to be real. There’s a reason all the colleges are cancelling the graduation ceremonies set to be held in MAY….

I also think that this week will be the week we see a lot of people getting sick. Remember, 2 weeks ago we really didn’t even think we’d be affected by this. So much can happen in 2 weeks, can’t it?

I’m reading Draw the Circle with my family. My church actually started reading it for Lent, but I was so busy we didn’t keep up with it. Now, I’ve started again, and it’s been extremely timely. Yesterday’s message was titled, “Write it down”. He talks about the importance of journalling, and especially prayer journals. He quotes Habbakkuk 2:2, “Write down the revelation”. Another way that verse is translated is “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” I actually have this verse on my vision board.

He also says a quote that I think will stick with me: “the shortest pencil is longer that the longest memory”. That is why I’m blogging now, and why I’ve blogged for many years. It is also why I bullet journal, so that those memories are preserved.

Today, my husband goes back to work, and it’s on the heels of the news that 4 Sheriff Deputies from our county have tested positive. There is nothing I can do except pray. But prayer is powerful.

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