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The Helpers

Date: March 20, 2020

COVID-19 Cases
US: 19459 New: 5314 Deaths: 263 New: 57
Texas: 356 New: 31 Deaths: 5 New: 0

Yesterday, they started testing the people on the front lines of this pandemic in our city.  First Responders to this disease (paramedics, nurses police officers etc) get the first chance to go through the drive through testing.  They are saying they’ll get priority, and I believe that is how it should be.  Imagine if an entire firehouse gets sick, how that affects your well-being.  Or, how many people they come into close contact with each day.  I know I’m a little relieved to know that testing is available.  I have been a bit frustrated with how difficult it has been for people to get tested.

My circle is now starting to include people affected by this virus too.  I have friends who have been exposed, and friends who believe that they are afflicted with it, but can’t seem to get tested, or are waiting for a test, and a friend who’s brother has a positive test.  Lots of people to pray for each day.

I know that is the best way to spend my time, in prayer.  I will admit, I’m still struggling there.  I know God can handle my attitude, after all, He made to be who I am.  He also knows my heart, better than even I do.  And, I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by friends who also love the Lord, and love me.  Some times we are called to have faith for other Christians when they are weak.  My friends bless me constantly.

As for me, yesterday I was a little better.  My husband was off, which was really nice, he steadies me.  But my son was at work, and had a patient who possibly had COVID.  That makes me nervous, but I have to trust the Lord.  My son is a helper.  That is who he has always been.  I know that the Lord has plans for him in this, and he will help many, many people.  I have to focus on that.

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