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Date: March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Cases
US: 9176 New: 2967 Deaths: 154 New: 47
Texas: 200 New: 136 Deaths: 3 New: 1

Well, things are getting a little more real each day. Italy reporting that they have run out of hospital beds has put the world on notice. I’m thankful for the many protective measures in place right now, and we’ve basically gone as close to self quarantine as possible. Police officers can’t work from home, so my husband goes to work, but the rest of us stay home or in our back yard.

If I’m honest, I spent the first couple of days of this in a sort of panic, and we all know that panic does not produce good fruit of any kind. I spent a bit crying, and lamenting. I know I can’t live in that state, though. I need to lead from the front, not in the back with the natives…..

When I lead from the front, there is laughter in my house.

Normal is a state that is now more changing than ever. Do we continue with regular homeschool things? I don’t know. I haven’t this week. This week, we’ve all taken a minute to just decompress. It’s worked against us and for us at the same time. I have a feeling this self quarantine thing might go on for quite some time, so I am sort of holding back in the thought that at some point I will HAVE to do things to keep us distracted and busy. I’m also just barely afloat emotionally, and a fight over math might send me over the edge…..

We heard from the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the United States that all Holy Week Services will be held online. Easter seems so far away, yet we already need to prepare for that to be completely different this year. Even further off is Graduation season, and my son Gregory is set to graduate in May- but the commencement ceremony has been postponed until at least August. That was a tough one to swallow.

But, with all of this, I feel compelled to be thankful. I’m thankful that my aunt is here in town, and I’m not still flying back and forth to Utah to care for her. Speaking of Utah, they’ve been having earthquakes, adding to all that people have to deal with. My thoughts are with them as well, especially my friends and almost family who live there.

We’ve changed up our evening routine to include drawing with Mo Willams. This has proven to be a really great idea and we’re really enjoying it. We also finished our book Peter and the Starcatchers. We’re now reading Navigating Early, which we absolutely LOVE. It’s the best book I’ve read in a while. So, if you’re looking for a good read aloud, I highly recommend it.

That’s it for today. Still searching for boring….

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