Sabbath Diary

I was thinking this morning, and speaking with the Lord as I awoke, and I thought I might like to diary how I’m feeling through this scary time. I think it might be of value in the years to come for me to look back on and be thankful for what I have.

Date: March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Cases
US: 6209 New: 1085 Deaths: 107 New: 11
Texas: 64 New: 7 Deaths: 2 New: 2

I recently posted this on my Facebook page, and I thought it might be good to share it again:

It’s interesting to me that at the beginning of this year I was given the word “Sabbath”, and I wrestled with how to take a year long Sabbath…. Now it looks as if we are all looking at just that.

It’s true this can bring anxiety and fear. It’s true I’m touched by both each day as I try to take the right precautions for the vulnerable I come in contact with daily. It’s only by faith that we can see, and in times of fear, I believe we have some responsibility as Christians.

First, grace…… Grace for those who react differently than you…. Grace for the many decisions that have to be made…. Grace for the ever changing situation… Grace for yourself if you get frustrated…

Second, encouragement…. Try to be a light to those around you. Try to keep your eyes open to those who are scared, those who are overwhelmed, those who need some kind words–. Especially the elderly! They are very very scared right now.

And finally, remember we’re all doing the best we can, and try to believe that about everyone.

Praying for peace that passes understanding, and praying that each of us will hear God speak in the quiet Sabbath. ♥️

Speaking of quiet- it’s eerily quiet here. The restaurants and clubs are closed except for drive thru, and school is out. Everyone is asked to stay home and not spread this virus. We’re doing our part, but I fear it isn’t enough.

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