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Hello Onederland!

I started this journey in January of 2017 after reaching my highest weight ever. I had been through the valley of death, mourning my cousin’s death and walking her children through the valley too. I had eaten my feelings and everyone else’s too. I felt terrible emotionally and physically. I knew I HAD to do something, and soon.

I weighed in at weight watchers at 248 pounds. It was hard to face. Part of me was just glad not to see 250, though, if you know what I mean….. I spent a year and a half trying to work the plan at Weight watchers. It had worked for me in the past, so I believed it would work this time too, I just had to keep pushing, keep limiting my points..

Then, my youngest son William was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We spent a week in the hospital, and 3 of those days were spent in the PICU. It was very scary.

As time went on, this new life of counting carbs for William and counting points for myself became too much. Food became an enemy that I had to fight. As I was a weary soldier.

I was at that place of done. Maybe you’ve been there too.

Then a friend told me about the keto diet and encouraged me to look into it for William. Even though I was at that place of done for myself, I still had fight for him in me, so I started researching. I watched a 14 hour documentary all about the keto diet and the importance of healthy fats. The science makes sense. I do believe that healthy fats are so important for our body. As I did this research, I began to understand why Weight Watchers wasn’t working for me at this time. I have several friends who do the keto diet and it has been a wonderful thing for them.

But as I prayed, I knew I needed something sustainable for William, something that wouldn’t feel like deprivation. I knew if I cut out all carbs that it would feel to him like a giant “no” all the time. Additionally, I really wanted to be able to incorporate it for the whole family. Another thing that I struggled with was understanding why God would create foods like grain and fruits and potatoes, that were not good for us. (God didn’t create french fries and white over processed flour for the record).

One of my besties who I do life with suggested I take a look at Trim Healthy Mama.  She had transitioned from keto to THM, and it made sense to her because she believes in the the power of healthy fats, but also knows that carbs are important too.  I got the book from the library (not willing to invest even another $20 on something that probably wouldn’t work), and read it in about a week. I knew right away that this was exactly where God wanted me. I knew right away that this could work for William, I could make it work for the whole family, and it was something that I was willing to go “all in” on in order to support my son in his quest for health as a diabetic.

As I told the kids and the husband about it, we agreed to give it a go- all of us- for William. I didn’t take any measurements because it wasn’t for me… it was for William… The day we decided to make the start I happened to have routine blood work. I fasted that morning and after the blood was drawn, we started eating the THM way.

Imagine my surprise when the doctor called with bad news. It seemed my liver enzymes were alarmingly elevated and they wanted to do an abdominal ultrasound. Once that ultrasound was done, they told me that I had non-alcoholic fatty liver, and I needed to eat very low fat, and cut sugar from my diet. They recommended the typical diet- low fat, no salt, no butter, etc, and told me to make an appointment for 90 days later to recheck blood work and see how their diet was working.

Well, I’m definitely not telling anyone to go against medical advice here, I’m just going to tell you my own personal story.

I prayed. I asked my friend who recommended THM to pray with me. I wasn’t sure what to do. But in both of our prayers we both felt that it wasn’t a coincidence that the very day my blood was drawn was the day I started eating THM. So, after much prayer and discernment, I decided to continue to eat completely on plan with THM (which meant a lot of healthy fats, almost the opposite of what the doctor told me) until my next blood work. If the next blood work came back bad, I’d do it their way.

When the 90 day blood work came back my doctor called me to tell me that my blood work was COMPLETELY PERFECT!!

So, from that point on, I decided that this is a lifestyle choice for me, and I will eat like this for the rest of my life. I had a friend die of liver failure from NA Fatty Liver a few years ago. I know how terrible that can be. I will not go back down that road. I have been given a second chance, and I will not take it for granted.

I know that this is the healthiest plan for eating out there. I feel so much better when I eat completely on plan, but I do allow myself to indulge every once in a while. Over the last year I’ve learned a lot about how food can be a healer and that it isn’t the enemy. It’s taken a lot of rethinking, and a lot of dedication to learning. I’ve had periods of time where I didn’t lose any weight, but still lost inches- which is so bizarre! (yes, I eventually started measuring myself LOL) I now know that those periods are actually periods of rest for my body, and rest for my liver, so they don’t bother me as much. The number on the scale is not the reason I eat this way.

Still, being a Certified Trim Healthy Lifestyle Coach, it can be a little discouraging when you’re not losing…. I’ve spent the last 6 weeks with my own coach, and we’ve been able to break through this stall! Y’all- EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A COACH!

My first weight loss goal way back when I started with Weight Watchers was to get into the 100’s. Today, I met that first goal. I weighed in at 199.8! I’m still very much on this journey, and not to my queen weight yet, but it feels good to be in Onederland!

I write all this out to express my gratitude for the sisters who wrote the book, and continually encourage us where we are. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a coach for Trim Healthy Mama, and for the other coaches that do so much for all the mamas out there. We all have a heart for women finding health and peace, and I love being part of this community. It’s a community that looks to God first for wisdom, and who encourages each other.

Starting November 1st I will be holding a Fuel Your Body November Challenge. It’s going to be an intense 30 days of truly learning the ins and outs of the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, and one that is based in encouragement, and a belief that we can in fact make it through the holidays in a healthy way, AND enjoy food freedom. If you are at that place called done, or if you’ve been doing THM a while and want to go deeper, maybe you just need some accountability, or encouragement as we enter this food filled season- or maybe, you’re like I was, and food has become the enemy, and you want your joy back- there is a place for you in our group 🙂 The cost is $50, and you will need to be a member of Trim Healthy Membership because we’ll be utilizing the tools there for the duration of the group. If you’re not yet a member, use my discount code- SB2910 to get $10 off your membership!

Let me know if you have ever felt the way I have!

I am a Certified Lifestyle Coach with Trim Healthy Mama- and help moms focus on their health and they health of their families! I help moms tackle overwhelm and encourage them to start loving their life again! I'm Momma to 6, Grandma to 1, and wife to my favorite police officer for over 23 years ;) Together we live life and share the good the bad and the ugly with God as our compass :)

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