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What Do We Do With Suffering?


I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m writing a book.  I have to admit, when I started writing this book (which is a short devotional), I expected it to go very quickly and be very easy.  Ha Ha Ha!!!!  I now have an enormous amount of respect for authors that wasn’t there before!  This is hard, tedious work!  It’s not relaxing, and kind of stressful!  But, it’s also beautiful, and when I really slow down and let the Holy Spirit write the book instead of me, I get pages like this one below…..

“Then He said to her, “Daughter, your faith [your personal trust and confidence in Me] has restored you to health; go in peace and be [permanently] healed from your suffering” Mark 5:34 AMP

I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life, a lot of broken relationships and circumstances that are very painful.  Sometimes, when I talk about all of the brokenness around me, I feel like I’m my own talk show guest,- like I could even be on the Jerry Springer Show!  If you don’t know that show, don’t watch it. I mean, it’s pretty much the bottom of the pond as far as what our society has to offer. This makes me wonder- why do people watch that type of TV show?  Is it because watching those shows makes us feel a little better about ourselves,and our own life? Is it because, in watching a show like that, we feel a little more “normal”, even though we know that there are pieces of our life that are not as they should be?

I watch shows for those reasons.  I watch 19 Kids and Counting for that reason!  And Sister Wives…. My husband secretly hopes that I watch Sister Wives because I want him to get another wife, or maybe he fears the thought of another woman in the house….  I’m not sure… And he definitely fears that I watch 19 Kids and Counting because I want more children. It’s a valid concern, after all. I do love children very much….. But that’s not why I watch those shows…  I watch them for ideas. I figure if they can survive life with all the kids they have, I can surely survive with just the 6 I have, right? It’s really for the feel good aspect. Gets me pumped up and feeling like I’ll do just fine.

Back to the parts of my life that align with the other types of shows, Talk Shows, Dramas and the like.  These parts of my life are ripe with pain. They are tender in spots that I try not to talk about, or think about too much.  The thing is, I am not alone in these feelings. Each of us have parts of our life that we don’t let too many people close to, because, frankly we don’t want to go there either.  We all have suffering. Becoming a Christian didn’t stop that. And sometimes, we forget that it is through His ministering to our suffering, that we are restored. We just let those painful pieces of our life sit on that top shelf of our mind, tightly closed up in a box.  There’s a lot of dust on that box. We don’t want to visit that box alone.

The Truth is, though, that we are never alone.  He says our personal trust and confidence in Him will restore us to health.  It will bring us peace. When we put our personal trust and confidence in Him, not in the solution, He will heal us from our suffering.  Those difficult parts of our life, that brokenness- they are still there, but we no longer suffer from them.

Today, think of a way that God has ministered to your suffering, and thank Him for that.  Know that without that suffering, you wouldn’t have experienced his transforming power in that way.


I am a Certified Lifestyle Coach with Trim Healthy Mama- and help moms focus on their health and they health of their families! I help moms tackle overwhelm and encourage them to start loving their life again! I'm Momma to 6, Grandma to 1, and wife to my favorite police officer for over 23 years ;) Together we live life and share the good the bad and the ugly with God as our compass :)

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