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Instead of New Years Resolutions…


Well, here we are in January, and we are faced with over 350 possibilities of growth, and experiences to be held in 2019!  I don’t know about you, but the prospect of a new year sort of makes me giddy!

For some, the prospect of a new year brings a list of resolutions, a bump in activity to try to fulfill those resolutions, and growing anxiety as this list becomes a reminder of what they haven’t been able to accomplish.  I spent many years writing out my resolutions, and many different techniques of doing so.  Some years, I simply made a list.  Other years, I categorized the list. Each year, as the year drew on, I would revisit my list only to be discouraged at the fact that I wasn’t accomplishing many things on that list.

Then, a few years ago, I saw the concept of using a word to guide you through your year.  Many people, (including myself) implement prayer, and ask God to give us a word.  I have done this for several years now, and it has changed my life!  I have always found that whatever word the Lord gave me had significant purpose over the course of the year.

For example; there was the year He gave me “joy”.  A few days into the year my marriage nearly fell apart.  I learned through out the course of that year that “joy” doesn’t mean “happiness”, but more of a peace that we get from Him…..  the “joy of the Lord”. (Nehemiah 8:10) I knew almost immediately as I faced what was happening to my family that the Lord had given me this word to prepare me, because, He always goes before us! (Deuteronomy 31:8)  There was also the year He gave me the word “focus”, and on the 3rd of January my family grew by 2 teenagers when my cousin died suddenly and we adopted her children.  It was instantly clear to me why the Lord was telling me to “focus”…. I could go on and tell you stories from each year like this, but you get the idea 😉

So, for this year, my word is “propel”.  It came to me much like the other words have, as I was praying and conversing with the Lord.  It is a word that wasn’t even on my radar, but the moment I heard it, I knew this was my word for this year.  And, because I’m a person who loves the possibilities a new year brings, I am taking it a step further this year.

I’ve gone through the areas of focus that we focus on in Mom Mastery University and asked the Lord what He wants to see this year in each of these areas.  I’ll share here, because it might be something you want to do as well!

Health: Propel my body to a healthy weight with a stable blood sugar and a lifestyle of a Trim Healthy Mama.

Marriage: Propel my marriage to a more seamless connection, where there is less frustration when we are apart.

Parenting: Propel my kids into independence through dependency on God, not me.

Home Management: Propel my home into clean and working order; a place that calls people to linger together.

Finances: Propel my finances to biblical standards- no debt, consistent tithe, money in savings, God-directed spending.

Emotions: Propel my emotions to a more stable place, based in gratitude and faith.

Time Management: Propel my time into intentional blocks of time, that are well balanced according to my needs.

Homeschooling: Propel our homeschool to a place of relationship first, and one that fosters a life-long love of learning.

Faith (this is a blanket category in MMU, but I wanted to be intentional here too): Propel my faith to the forefront of my being each day, that without question, each day is bathed in faith, begun with faith, ended with faith, and no decision is made absent of faith.

So there you have it.  These are my core values as I look to 2019.  Tell me, do you chose a word each year?  Or what have you found works best for you?

Remember- Perfect is never the goal; forgiven is.



I am a Certified Lifestyle Coach with Trim Healthy Mama- and help moms focus on their health and they health of their families! I help moms tackle overwhelm and encourage them to start loving their life again! I'm Momma to 6, Grandma to 1, and wife to my favorite police officer for over 23 years ;) Together we live life and share the good the bad and the ugly with God as our compass :)

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