Work With Me

Hey Friend!

It’s time to get real with ourselves.  Life is HARD!  It often feels like trying to Nailing Jello to a Tree, right?

Have you ever been to the place called done?  I think we all have at some time in our lives.  Done is the place where you want to give up.  Done is the place where you feel like it won’t get any better.  Done is the place where you don’t want to try anymore.  You’re just done.

It could be that you’re done parenting.  Done in your marriage….  Done trying to lose weight or get healthy…

As women, we can tend to feel alone in our struggles, especially as we scroll through everyone’s highlight reels on Facebook and Instagram, or the perfect pictures that show up on Pinterest.   We live in a world where the messages that try to get in are often messages of inadequacy, or failure.  I’m here to help you change that.  You can literally change your life from the inside out.  I’m here to help you guide you through different ways to transform your mind, body, and lifestyle.

The first step is to take the step!

It really is that simple!

While we walk through this journey together, you will transform from the inside out.  Healing always begins on the inside.  God is the author of our life, it’s when we forget the value of His handiwork that we get off track!

We can connect through “the Nailing Jello to a Tree Sisterhood” a FREE group I host on Facebook, through my getting started coaching program for Trim Healthy Mama, through a monthly accountability group for those following the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, and you can join my mentor circle inside Mom Mastery University!

I offer several different options to fit the season you are in:

Get Started with Trim Healthy Mama
Are you ready to get started with the Trim Healthy Lifestyle, and ready to take charge of your body, but unsure where to start?  With this program, I’ll spend 3 months with you walking you step by step through implementing the plan in your own house.  We’ll learn the ins and outs of how to fuel your body, and get you started the right way and on your way to health!  I will check in with you on a regular basis and work with you to tailor the plan to your unique situation.  Eating the Trim Healthy way, I completely healed myself from Fatty Liver Disease in 90 days and reduced the insulin that my Type One Diabetic son needs by 50%.  It is truly a sustainable way of life, and it is my joy to introduce others to the plan.  $199 for the 90 Day program *You will need the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book for this package**

Trim Healthy Plan Accountability Group
Feel like you can work the Trim Healthy Mama plan, but want some accountability?  This is the place for you!  Join the Jello Tribe, and we’ll hold each other accountable with weekly check-ins, menus and more.  $45/ Month for the first month,  reduced subsequent months with continuous membership.

Nailing Jello to a Tree Sisterhood is a private Facebook group where I host FREE monthly challenges from Mom Mastery University. Some include:

  • 7-Day Mom Stress Cure
  • 21-Day Rockin’ Routines
  • 30-Day Power Purge

Mom Mastery University

Mom Mastery University (MMU) is a place for moms to find Christian based personal development help. When you join, you will select a 90 day challenge from one of 8 areas to focus on as you begin your journey. These include:

  • Health
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Home Management
  • Finances
  • Emotions
  • Time Management
  • Homeschooling

Want to Join Me?

To join my MMU mentor circle, you must first enroll in a monthly MMU membership and select me (Semalee Bilbrey in Katy, TX) as your mentor. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to and select the “Enroll Now” button
  2. Select membership type: $49 (Master) or $79 (VIP*) and enter payment info *VIP includes monthly hangouts with Hannah Keeley (MMU Founder) and preferred seating at our annual in-person event
  3. Select “I want a mentor link” and enter my first name “Semalee” (a list of mentors will populate) and my location “Katy, TX” should appear along with my picture below so you can select me as your mentor.

Zebra Tribe

Once you are in my circle with MMU, you will have access to our private Facebook group for our Zebra Tribe. You’ll also have me, by your side, encouraging you as we journey through this thing called motherhood together-through the ups and the downs 🙂 We have a monthly hangout inside our private group via Facebook Live, and regularly keep up with each other, as a Zebra family should. *Members of my MMU Tribe get discounted pricing on all my Trim Healthy Mama Coaching Services**

What’s a Mentor?

Included in your MMU Membership, is access to a mentor to help you find your way around MMU, and to encourage you. I mentor inside MMU because I know how much difference an encouraging word can make. I mentor because I believe none of us should feel alone in our journey through motherhood. I mentor because I love my friends and my tribe, and I am interested in their lives. I mentor because it helps me stay accountable to my own goals. If any of these statements match you- do you love your friends? Do you like to encourage others? Do you desire more accountability for yourself?– Maybe you would enjoy being a mentor too!